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Are Cell Phones Allowed in Rehab? (Rules & FAQs)

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What you will learn:
Whether cell phones are allowed in rehab.
Pros and cons of cell phone use during treatment
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Are Cell Phones Allowed in Rehab?

Every rehab center sets its own policy on cellphones and electronic devices, so be sure to call ahead for a list of approved and prohibited items. Typically, cellphones are allowed but there may be restrictions on use during specified times outside of treatment.

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What If I Don’t Have My Own Cell Phone?

You may be able to use the facility phone or a designated pay phone within the facility to call your loved ones. Call ahead to confirm the rules for calling home and loved ones. Other alternatives to contacting your loved ones may be letters or virtual Skype calls as well.

Should I Limit My Cell Phone Use in Rehab?

Because going to rehab and receiving treatment is a critical time that will require focus and perseverance, a call home or to a loved one may be able to help someone through rehab. Despite the seemingly positive influence of being in touch with a loved one, it may also become a distraction from the treatment program. The impact, either positive or negative, will of course depend on the individual.

How Can I Find a Cell Phone Friendly Rehab?

American Addiction Centers has drug and alcohol rehabs and detox centers across the United States. Each rehab facility sets their own rules for electronics and cell phone use so call ahead to confirm the rules. Explore our rehab facilities and amenities further below.

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